30 Aug 2013

Summer kerbing

We have made this summer few gardens. In the spring of 2005 we did a garden in Copenhagen, and this year the homeowners wanted more kerbs done.
The kerbs I did in 2005 still look great, just look at the pictures.


Sometime you have to be proved of what you can do, I know we "just" did the kerbing at Rabalder Parken in Roskilde, but before you get to the skater area you will pass all our kerbs.


At below link you can see the project finish and under construction. Please note the "hang-out area" on the fifth picture. We have made the 3 benches formed as horseshoes. 


The worlds first combination of drainage of rainwater and a skatepark.

We have now finished the playground at Wintergatan in Helsingborgs, Sweden.


That was our larges project so fare and it went very well.

At  the playground we did following kerbs:

  • 30×20 cm
  • 30×30 cm
  • 40×30 cm
  • 50×30 cm

In the 40×30 cm kerbs we made 12 bike racks.

The 40×40 was made in color charcoal.

We sealed all the kerbs with an anti-graffiti.


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